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yuefeng hu
April 21
Great value
Great value, Great service, Great Quality.
Xiaomei Shi
April 20
Great service!
Great service!
Guenther Johannes Amann
April 19
Great service and value
we have used this company and on 6 years without an issue and we talk daily to China. When an issue appeared thier customer service jumped in to remedy the situation. Wont change ever.
Tricia wu
April 19
This is the best app I’ve ever used for…
This is the best app I’ve ever used for international calling. It is surprisingly convenient for a frequent traveler that can almost call anywhere from anywhere around the world. I already recommended this to many family and friends.
April 18
Good service.
Good service.
yin jingjing
April 18
Thank you
I have been used KeepCalling for long time.I so appreciated to this company. Few of my friends is using that too.we all happy for their work. Thank you! Jingjing yin
April 18
most reliable and cheap phone service
most reliable and cheap phone service
Xiaoyu Jiang
April 15
overall it is good
overall it is good, bad signal at rush time, especially at big holiday
April 12
Been using it over a year
Been using it over a year. Very reliable signal, easy to use app. Highly recommend
Emmanouel Perris
April 9
Hong Pan
April 7
Very good app
Very good call quality and easy to dial
Viv Lockwood
April 6
Amazing service
Amazing service. A one hour call to China for around 50 pence. Good reception with no delay. I have found none better.
April 4
Thank you
Thank you very much
玲 张
April 4
I recommend DiahuaChina
I have been using DianhuaChina for more than two years. One word to describe my experience: PERFECT. Yes, it is perfect with no problem anytime I used it. The sound always very clear, never mixed up with other lines and the line is always available. The fee is lowest and never overcharged or any strange charge. There are free staffs in internet but caused some issues in my computer. I chose to pay a little bit to have DiahuaChina to avoid all of the troubles in internet. I love it and recommend it to everyone.
H. Ouyang
April 3
Good customer service
Good customer service. I would recommend this company to anyone.
Yonggong Shi
April 3
the card is very good.
the card is very good.
April 1
Very reliable company
Have been using their service for 8 years. It's been user friendly and easy to top up credits. Price is very good. My mom can talk to me from the other side of the world as long as she wants.
ben foo
March 31
easy to purchase
easy to purchase. reliable service.
Leo Lee
March 30
Great service
Great service
March 24
I have used the service for many years. very satisfied