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HZ Xiong
June 12
Reliable and good signal
Reliable and good signal. Very reasonable price.
Jack Shao
June 7
good rate
good rate and easy online service
June 7
I have been using Dianhuachina for a…
I have been using Dianhuachina for a few years. The voice quality is good, refill of the card is easy and quick. Thanks for the service. My recommendations for all potential users.
June 6
Very good
Very good. I love it.
May 28
The phone card has been working very…
The phone card has been working very well. It is so convenient to use. It is so cheap.
Yanling Li
May 27
High quality and reasonable price
I’ve been using it for years, it never let me down.
May 26
The service is great
The service is great. Signals very clear.
May 25
Good Service.
Good Service.
May 18
Works Good
Calls are of good quality with very little hassle making a connection. I used to use E-Call China but their quality and service deteriorated and we sought a new provider.
Robert Phillips
May 14
So easy to top up a foreign SIM card…
So easy to top up a foreign SIM card which is only used occasionally, especially for China.
May 13
very goid service.
very goid service.
B Lee
May 13
Like it much better than other I had…
Like it much better than other I had had prior. Being able to add money/minutes to existing account is awesome.
May 12
Reasonable price and Good quality !
Reasonable price and Good quality !
May 7
L'unico inconveniente è che la…
L'unico inconveniente è che la conversazione è un po' spostata, praticamente bisogna aspettare per sentire la risposta idem quando parlo chi riceve sente la voce dopo e non subito come normalmemte si parla nelle telefonate.
Jerry Sandusky
May 2
Excellent rates...
Excellent rates...
April 29
Thank you. Happy doing business with yoir site@
I love this calling card
April 28
I left a very good review before
I left a very good review before. I have used calling card for ten to twenty years from the beginning when calling card was available. What I experienced "" is definitely the best: (1)The cost to purchase Voice Credit is one of the lowest, no maintenace fees, no connection fees; (2) no expiration. This is the best feature that I like. Because most of calling cards do have an expiration date. The quality of sound is very good, very clear also. (4) The charge is very accurate by one minute. Anyway, it is the best, I have used it since the beginning of 2018, and wish to discover this company sooner.
April 28
great service
great service
shih xiang liu
April 28
Cost and quality
Cost is very low. The voice quality is poor sometime. Has to try several dials to get connection
Antonio From Italy
April 26
Always good connection
Always good connection , good audio . Very good service !